Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar

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Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar




5 Somerset Street



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Raritan NJ 08869












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Local Bar and Seafood Restaurant



There was a time in my past that I was eating at Vinnie's almost once a week but at this time it has been at least a year since I have been there. So my opinion is definitly one that has been formed after years of eating here.

It was Saturday night and lillian decided she wanted to spend the night at grandmas so I decided to go to Uncle Vinnie's for a late dinner. I got there at around 8 and the place was full with people waiting which is the norm (They only have about a dozen tables most of them for 2 people and then around 15 seats at the bar so be prepared to wait). The manager saw me and greeted me like an old friend and told me it was a 45 minute wait but that I should stand in a certain place because one of the guys at the bar was about to leave and I should jump into his spot. There were a bunch of other people waiting but he still treated me like a regular. I LOVE THAT!!

So I started dinner with the blue crab claw appetizer which I have always liked. They are served deshelled except for one small part of the claw to use like a handle. So you end up with a little Crab Lollipop to dip into the sauce. Nice sweet fresh crab meat. For dinner I had the Tuna in a balsamic reduction with some squash on the side. Tuna was cooked perfect seared on the outside and fairly raw on the inside. The veggies were crisp and full of flavor. I was full so i didn't have dessert which is the norm also.

From past experiences I would recommend the Seafood Salad or the scallops over salad as both being excellent but I have never had a bad dinner so just about anything is the right choice.

It is a bar and fairly small so be prepared for a lot of background noise. I like that so it has never bothered me but just thought I should warn you. The staff to customer ratio is always very good so the service is excellent. Kitchen is open and behind the bar so you can see everything is prepared fresh as it should be. Overall the price is fairly high. With 2 people and a glass of wine each with dinner you can expect it to be around 100 dollars with tip. Without a doubt one of my favorite places to go and I wont wait a year this time to do it again.


For now this is the food dude wishing you good eats