Morristown Diner

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Morristown Diner




73 Morris Street



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Morristown NJ












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Typical NJ Diner



Was about 7:30pm on a typical Saturday night and M and I decided we were hungry and just wanted to go out for something quick. We headed for the Minuteman Restaurant near us but they were closing so we decided to wander into Morristown since we were already half way there. Since neither of us know anything about Morristown and we weren't dressed for anyplace decent we were glad to find the Morristown diner. I am always drawn to diners so figured why not give this one a try. Unfortunately it was not a great experience.

The diner didn't have a wonderful feel when we walked in but the hostess was ok so we still had hope that it would be ok. I started with cream of mushroom soup that was basically thin greasy chicken gravy with some cut up mushrooms thrown in and not a sign of creaminess anywhere, Then for the salad which was fairly fresh but had the big stalk end of the lettuce head mixed in with it. I know that's not a huge deal but it does in my mind show as a lack of caring. For my main course I had something they call chicken Cordova which was kind of a chicken Marsala over rice and covered with Mozzarella cheese. The rice was the best part of the meal and with the mushrooms and a little of the sauce was edible. The chicken had a real burnt taste and was very dry. i could not find any burnt parts so i imagine the oil that they cooked it in was burnt before they cooked the chicken. Skipped dessert had enough punishment for one evening.

M had a tuna stuffed tomato that she said was edible but not great. She also later told me that the place had kind of a sad feel to it I interpret that as a dying restaurant that just doesn't know its dead yet. So needless to say we will not be returning to the Morristown diner.

For now this is the food dude wishing you good eats