Station Pub and Grub

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Station Pub and Grub




45 Mine Brook Road



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Bernardsville, NJ 07924












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A nice downtown bar with above average food



Was a Sunday night in Bernardsville and the Little Food Dudette and I were hungry. I really didn't feel like driving anywhere so we walked into town. There are a few decent places on Main Street Bernardsville worth trying but I thought L would like to try something new so we went to the Station.


They have a few outside tables that we chose not to sit at this time but it is always an option. The inside is decorated tastefully with a large bar on one end of the dining room and tables on the other. Was fairly crowded for 7pm on a Sunday night and there was a constant stream of customers both coming and going. The wait staff was friendly with just the right amount of attention being paid to us. I tend to just drink water when I go out and my glass was never empty which always makes me happy.


For dinner we ordered off of the main menu L had Lobster and Shrimp over angel hair pasta with a light wine sauce. She will be writing her own thoughts on this dish but I tried the pasta and it was well cooked and the sauce had great flavor. They gave her a chunk of lobster 3 large shrimp and a decent amount of pasta, she ate it all so I guess that is a good sign. I had the 14oz bone in club steak with a chimichurri sauce, roasted potatoes and a spicy corn salsa. The steak was perfectly cooked and I found myself gnawing on the bone to get every last bit of it, but the corn salsa is really what caught my attention. It had just the right amount of heat and lots of great flavors; I could have eaten a bowl of it just by itself.


Overall it was an enjoyable experience, It is a little pricey as everything is ala-carte but for me at least it was worth the money. They have regular pub fair and good burgers that are more on the reasonable side if that is what you want but definitely worth the trip.Dinner for L and I including tip was around $65.00 and we didn’t have appetizers, dessert or drinks.

For now this is the food dude wishing you good eats