Claremont Tavern

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Station Pub and Grub




121 Claremont Rd



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Bernardsville, NJ 07924













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A Little bar / restaurant in the middle of town



I have been to the Claremont on numerous occasions with mixed results.


Last night I was in the mood for a burger and did not feeling like driving anywhere so M and I walked over to the Claremont for burgers. I have had mixed results with burgers there but for the most part they are decent so its worth a try. I usually get the Bayou burger which is a burger with topped with grilled andouille sausage, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese and cajun seasonings this burger has decent flavors and a little bit of spice. This time I decided to try something different and got the Diablo burger. The Diablo burger is blackened and topped with Jack cheese and pickled Jalapenos. This was a disappointing burger, for a burger that was topped with hot peppers it really had no flavor. I tried the burger without the peppers and it tasted barely seasoned and the overall thing had very little heat definitely did not live up to its name. The roll was also very hard and did not taste fresh at all. The upside is the beer based macaroni and cheese which is always hot and cheesy and has great flavor and the onion rings which come on top of every burger.


I am sure I will go back to the Claremont again since it is a block from my house and I can walk but it will not be on top of my list for the local eateries.

For now this is the food dude wishing you good eats